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STATMENT 1. "LATAR DO - Universal Martial Art" is a new direction of martial arts. It was created in Austria in 2013 by Grandmaster Adam. The term "LATAR DO" consists of two words: "LATAR" comes from the Caucasian language family and means "fight", "Do" comes from the Japanese language and means "way". The term “LATAR DO” can therefore be translated as “way of struggle”. The main office of LATAR DO located in Vienna, Austria. 2.LATAR DO consists generell of Karate and Grappling main techniques and has 3 parts: 2.1 Free fight (like to MMA) For those who want more challenge, there are the free fight with closed helmet and other protect equipment. The Fights are carried out according to LATAR DO rules. 2.2 Self-Defense and Street fighting (like Krav-Maga) In this part will be learned the basics, that can be directly used in the practice. 2.3 Fitness In this part are selected the best methods and exercises from the fields of yoga, gymnastics and martial arts. In addition to general health promotion this tools benefit the most sensitive parts of the body such as knee and hip joints, back, neck and shoulders. They suitable for prevention and treatment. 3.LATAR DO has a belt system It consists of 20 ranks. From 10th to 1st level and from 1st to 10th Dan. (Dan is a rank in Japanese) 4. The World Federation "LATAR DO - Universal Martial Art" sees martial arts as a tools for individual personal development and an opportunity for positive development of the societies of single countries and around the world. The health and social components are in the foreground. Latar Do also aims to bring the members closer to universal ideal values such as humanity, helpfulness, fairness, humbleness, hard work and tolerance. 5. The philosophy of LATAR DO: “the main goal is not to win the competition, but to perfect your own character” should motivate to work on your own personality. (For example, in the case of tension in your environment, you should first look for a possible cause in yourself). 6. Through training, competitions, courses, summer and winter camps on a national and international level, are promoted intercultural and international relationships and communication between different people and nations. 7. LATAR DO put the big value on children and teenager training. In this case promote the attitude to the healthy life, should be combined with moral values and a promote of self-confidence. Respect and discipline are conditions for effective training and a learning process. Therefore, the main goal is not to defeat someone, but to develop your own personality. Children and teenagers should also become more resistant towards the modern dangers such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling addiction, radicalism, aggressive behaviour and learn always to give their best in the life - be it in education, career or sport. 8. Another important area in LATAR DO is the adult training. Here will be massage, that competitive sport is an optional goal, but the lifelong promotion of own health is an obligatory matter. With LATAR DO training the adults support their health, learn the self-defense, could past belt-test and get lifelong system to promote the body, spirit and mentality. 9. The LATAR DO concept is very unique and includes the essence of modern martial arts, terms of health, education and social aspects. Therefore it is a very fast expanding martial arts direction. In a short time, LATAR DO expended in over 30 countries and 5 continents.

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